Ideal in the Community

Ideal Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical works closely with the community to make a positive social impact.  Ideal’s philanthropic efforts are not aimed at one single project, but take an all-embracing approach. Ideal demonstrates the pay it forward spirit primarily through Pro bono work, community giving, and school support across San Diego County.  Doing good works builds team spirit within our organization.  These experiences create a culture of service at Ideal and help employees look outward and focus on others’ needs instead of their own.

Community organizations, non-profits, schools, families, and Ideal friends trust Ideal and know they can depend on them because they’ve seen Ideal demonstrate countless acts of service over the years.  Internally, the service and Pro bono work experiences changes attitudes of those involved and establishes a more caring work culture.

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Ideal in Tecate, Mexico.

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