How To Make Energy Efficient Lighting Choices

Changes in lighting material standards have motivated manufacturers to create more energy efficient options for consumers. Recent technological advances give consumers more options to use when choosing lighting materials. The main options for lighting materials are LED, CFL, and halogen/incandescent … Continue reading

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Join us in Supporting City of San Diego Firefighters!

The San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation needs your help in raising funds to purchase devices that could save the lives of firefighters while they work to protect yours. Small donations can add up to make a huge difference for our San … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Update Your Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel, also known as a breaker panel, controls where electricity flows into your home from outside, determining how much power is distributed and maintained throughout. They protect you from the dangerously high levels of electricity that could be … Continue reading

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Your Programmable Thermostat Questions Answered

Heating and cooling your home represents a large chunk of your annual utility costs. reports that heating your home is the single biggest energy expense, accounting for 45 percent of total energy costs. Finding simple ways to save on … Continue reading

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How Do I know if My Heater is Efficient?

Heating your home comfortably comes at an expense. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that households spend $700 annually on gas heating and $1,700 annually on heating home using heating oil. Even heating San Diego homes can be expensive, making … Continue reading

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Types of Heating Available in San Diego

Heating and cooling your home is the most important factor in keeping it comfortable. You want a system that is going to work the most efficiently based on your home’s layout and the climate where you live. It is also … Continue reading

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Are Garbage Disposals Environmentally Friendly?

Of all the convenient kitchen inventions over the years, garbage disposals rank up there as one of the best.  When you’ve got some icky food waste that you’d rather not have stinking up your trash cans, it’s easy to simply … Continue reading

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Questions To Ask Your Plumber

When it comes time to think about hiring a plumber, there’s a ton of things to consider: plumbing cost, what sort of work needs to be done, if you’ll need a small or extensive installation, and more. Although it may … Continue reading

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Six Tips to Cut Down on Your AC Bill

The way you manage your air conditioning within your home can make a drastic impact on your monthly air conditioning bill. For homeowners, finding ways to slash those monthly utility expenses is always a hot topic. Fortunately, there are many … Continue reading

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Best San Diego Heating Options

San Diego locals benefit from a warm and comfortable climate. Although the dry, cloudless summers can generate some almost unbearable heat – making reliable air conditioning crucial – San Diego isn’t immune to the cold. Despite the common images of … Continue reading

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